An Invigorating Cuppa in Nature’s Coffee House

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Nature's Coffee house Orange Tree Autumn

Beneath this beautiful umbrella of nature’s wonderfully colored coffee house, today’s afternoon coffee seems specially charged with invigorating energy. As I drank in the color (and the warm coffee) I wondered what it is about the gorgeous orangy red colors that seemed to boost my mood and then I remembered some things I know about orange…

Orange is the color associated with the second chakra, energy center located below your belly button. The chakras are associated with many systems of the body, mind and spirit.  Orange stimulates the thyroid gland and governs sex, urinary organs, kidneys, circulation, and metabolism. The Sacral chakra and the color orange are related to self-worth and self-respect, so it is easy to see how bathing in the orange light of these beautiful leaves would give me a boost of well-being.  I even felt confident and sure of myself in the secure tent of nature’s color tent. Plus, orange is said to also be the color of energy, optimism, creativity, happiness and joyousness. SCORE!

In this impromptu coffee house, this is a perfect coffee moment.

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