1st Shipment of Blue Bottle Coffee: The Espressos – Wahoo!

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Blue Bottle Coffee Espresso Shipment

This is my first shipment of organic espresso from Blue Bottle Coffee and I want to tell you about it.

First of all, the packaging was well-done. It traveled a long way to get to me and it was in perfect condition on arrival. Once opened (as you see in the picture) everything looked great. The bags are easy to open and are re-closeable with a “ziploc” style closure that actually works.

This particular package has 3 different types of espresso: 17ft Ceiling Espresso (Bold and Yummy), Opascope Espresso, Hayes Valley Espresso and so far, they are ALL AWESOME!

Blue Bottle Coffee’s approach is to roast and ship small batches so that the coffee or espresso that arrives at your door has been roasted within 48 hours of when you get it. I can tell you – it’s a great concept. Outside of the time I spent in the Dominican Republic, I have never had coffee this fresh. It is wonderful.

I love coffee and espresso but I don’t know or care about all of the fancy descriptions. In truth, I am quite simple. Not a coffee snob, a coffee lover. I love all sorts of coffee and espresso and really, I don’t get into whether it is chocolatey, or caramelly. So I found the Blue Bottle Coffee website really difficult to shop on. There are extensive and flowery descriptions but there isn’t much that lets me know if it is Dark, Medium or Light and for me, that’s the first piece of information I need before I choose which coffee, espresso or blend to buy. That’s why I gave a simple description for reference above. Over time, I will put together a little chart that will help you make choices that bring your favorite coffee right to your door. In the meantime, enjoy these freshly roasted espressos because they are fantastic!

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