Two Sides To Every Cup

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Two Sides to Every Cup Of Coffee
There are at least two sides to every cup of coffee, besides the obvious joke of the inside and the outside. Depending on the timing of the cup of coffee in question, the details of those two sides may be different but then, maybe, they aren’t… Each cup of coffee is at once a time to stop and reflect and time to enjoy the very elixir one is ingesting.
For instance: I/we have developed a morning ritual (around dawn, watching the sunrise trough our east-facing window) of having good, strong coffee, (I take mine black, thank-you)  plenty of water (I try for at least 1 liter) and some yogurt (we’ve discovered Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative (GF&V) – “alternative” since it is not made with cow, sheep or goat milk).
Digression aside,  if said cup is the first one in the morning, one side is the inside. the coffee. The aroma. That first sip. That shock of heat and bitter and all the other descriptive words one has seen in attempts to describe the flavors present in a particular bean or blend. Those notes aside, in the first sip of the day situation, that first sniff-and-sip is of vital importance, isn’t it? This is your cup, the one you may most look forward to — the bite of flavor, just-so temperature, the after taste and the very important “Ahhhh…” which follows— This first cup sets your brain afire. The ideas begin to flow or memories come rushing back or, maybe, some of your cobwebs just get a little less dense as you re-enter this time-space reality… all of which have been my experience at one time or another… sometimes all at once.
But, that is the other side of the cup. It is that aspect, the amazing power of the coffee moment, which allows one to visit the future or the past. For what is memory but returning to a past vibration and therefore briefly being there? Conversely, imagination could be visiting a new vibration with a glimpse of a possible scenario to come…
Each subsequent cup of coffee has a similar two-sided aspect, doesn’t it? – In and out.The morning “coffee break”, can be a chance to just slow down a moment gaze out the window, or at a painting on your wall, or at a blank spot… and have a wee bit of self-time. It can be a moment to stop and look at the task, the project, the painting on the easel, the sculpture, the road map, the person in front of you… while you allow your mind to flow in the next best or desired direction. This special ‘coffee-time’ often is accompanied by the “aha” moment. The nexus of clarity. I have sometimes found myself looking deep into the empty or nearly-empty cup and thinking – even saying right out loud – “Damn” that’s good coffee!”
Coffee Daydream
However, it wasn’t necessarily the actual taste of the coffee (key as that is) but rather the amazing moment it provided for me to reach by simply existing and thence, allowing me to take the moment to connect with my inner self. The part which nearly always seems to know what to do next, or to say, or to simply allow a feeling to arise and be recognized.
The same goes for each coffee-time moment..the grab and go. the end of lunch cup…afternoon coffee… just got home. They can relax us, or they may keep us awake, energized, focused on whatever it is we’re about (the physical). Or allow for the moment to breathe, take a step back, reflect, ponder, daydream an alternate reality and sometimes, however briefly, visit the future… Certainly, each of us has differing coffee-time experiences.
Where do you find yourself during your ‘coffee-moments”?
… have you visited the future lately?

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