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Coffee Time Reflection on the party

Cat wonderI love going to a party. It seems that it is possible to get into conversations I would otherwise never have. Energetically, it is the crack in the door. What I mean is… I have a cat, Angus, who often will sit by the door and try to open it. He is intrigued by the crack. His head starts moving around excitedly and he chirps a little song of excitement and anticipation. It is a wonderful moment, but it is only a moment. If it goes on too long it gets frustrating for him. To me, that’s how a party is; it is the enjoyable moment of chirping and dancing. The format makes it ideal for a duration of a few hours. Sensational excitement!

What do we do with that energy once we have come home and gone to bed, then, we are waking up to a cup of coffee (oh sweet coffee!) and our groggy minds search around for a thought to grab on to? This, for me, is the sweet aftermath of the adventure. I find myself reviewing all the brilliant, tender, delicious moments that were created at the party. I spend some time thinking about the fun we had, the warmth of hearts coming together to mingle, the new ideas we generated, the desires to work and play together that were born… All while sipping this perfect black liquid we call coffee.

coffee music with cups of coffee and splashes

In addition, this particular morning I even had a strong cup of coffee with eggnog in it (well, not really, I think it is coconut nog) in vibrational synchronicity with the extension of the winter party. What a playful way to reflect on the marvels that happen when people get together with the intention of having fun. I bask in the afterglow of that fun and I look forward with excited anticipation to the realization of the visions that were born in those moments where everyone is free and no one is keeping score.

Just one more cup of coffee before I race off to the reality that is this day. Enjoy!

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