Coffee Shop On A Snowy Day

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Snowfall on magical tree

It is always a wonderful feeling for me when I wake up early and there is a fresh snow on the ground. The world is quiet except for the nearly silent sound of the precious snowflakes falling. That’s how it was this morning: a quiet celebration.

As the energy of the world shifted and you could feel the town waking up, my love and I decided to go for a walk in this living snow globe with a stop off at the local coffee shop, of course.

Snowy Pine with LightsWe passed the perfect pine with its sparkling colored lights next door and off we went.

We walked all through the town and through the local college campus (Williams College is stunning!) playing and laughing and trying to make tiny snowmen with the super-dry snow. It stuck together wonderfully but it was really too dry to stack the packed snow into a snowman easily.

Eventually, our minds answered the unconscious question that had been niggling us… What could make this even better? COFFEE! So down to Tunnel City Coffee we went.

On our way, we made a few stops. Sawyer Library at the college is a visual treat. It is a strangely pleasing combination of tradition and innovation that should not be missed. The design of the “windows” or better said,”glass sections of the walls”  really make you feel like you are in the scenery: spectacular views of the rolling hills of the Berkshires. Coffee Purse

Then to Where’d You Get That where I found the cutest little coffee purse {because apparently, everyone should have a little coffee fund! After all, it is the cheap drug :-)} and there were some really fun mugs that I drooled over (well, not literally).

Fun Coffee Mugs

Eventually, we made it to the all-important coffee. And that is where the most magical moment happened. I was standing around the barista island waiting for my Red Eye (a dark roast coffee with a bold shot of espresso in it) and noticed the Williams hat on another patron. I commented on how nicely made it was and we struck up a brief conversation. He was an older gentleman and he told me of how he visits with his friends almost daily in the coffee shop. I asked him a bit about his life and he told me how he, and most of his family, were Williams Alum. He had been a surgeon in a big city until he and his wife retired here 30 years ago. Now, it wasn’t exactly before coffee for me but still it took me a minute to do the math and to take a guess at his age. He looked healthy and vital so I started to think that he must have retired early. I was way off the mark. He told me, trying not to be boastful, that he is 97 years old, his wife is 93 and that they had been married for 72 years!  My heart melted. I thought that is the life I hope I am working toward, a life filled with friends, love, longevity & coffee! Lead the way my coffee house friend!

Tunnel City CoffeeNeedless to say, it was a rich set up for an exciting day. I know we all sometimes feel less than thrilled to spend our days at work, but filled with these vibrant, heart-warming moments, the day just gets better and better.

If you ever get the chance to visit Tunnel City Coffee, I highly recommend it. If not, don’t let that stop you from walking around your town, exploring the newness of each moment within the familiarity. Who knows, you might even discover some new coffee moments of your own.

We would LOVE to hear about your discoveries.  Please click here to share your coffee moments with us. Whether they are peaceful, magical or chatty, your coffee moments are always welcome!

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