Two Sides to Every Cup Of Coffee
Coffee Moments

Two Sides To Every Cup

January 10, 2017 Timothy Hamilton 0

There are at least two sides to every cup of coffee, besides the obvious joke of the inside and the outside. Depending on the timing of the cup of coffee in question, the details of those […]

Coffee Time Reflection on the party
Coffee Moments

Morning After The Party Coffee

December 26, 2016 Donnalynn 0

I love going to a party. It seems that it is possible to get into conversations I would otherwise never have. Energetically, it is the crack in the door. What I mean is… I have […]

Snowfall on magical tree
Coffee Moments

Coffee Shop On A Snowy Day

December 6, 2016 Donnalynn 0

It is always a wonderful feeling for me when I wake up early and there is a fresh snow on the ground. The world is quiet except for the nearly silent sound of the precious snowflakes […]